0102 - Manpower Officer

            2ndLt - LtCol

The 0102 Manpower Officer is likely the most relied upon MOS in ensuring the function and good order and discipline of the Marine Corps.  0102's serve as Battalion Adjutants, Division/Group/Wing Manpower Officers, and myriad headquarters billets.  Responsible for ensuring the functionality and accuracy of all directives, manpower policies, disciplinary and legal actions, promotions, awards, leave and liberty, and associated collateral programs.  Nearly every commander at the Battalion level and up has an 0102 assigned to advise them on best practices regarding the aforementioned functional areas.

Manpower Officers plan, coordinate, execute and/or supervise the functions of administration (general administration, operational administration, manpower administration, and personnel administration) in their respective commands and organizations. Manpower Officers coordinate with MOS 0170 Personnel Officers for matters of Personnel Administration, for which the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) has primary cognizance.  Manpower Officers serve as advisors to commanders for administrative matters. Manpower Officers are MAGTF officers, whom support operations with policies and programs affecting service members in areas other than training and logistics.

Marines earn the MOS after graduating the seven-week Basic Manpower Officer Course at Camp Johnson, North Carolina.  There is a tremendous breadth of information new 0102's are expected to know, so this course focuses on familiarizing students with Marine Corps directives and policies, teaching them where to find the information necessary to perform their jobs in the fleet.  0102's assigned to Battalion S-1's may attend additional training such as Legal Officer Course, Naval Criminal Justice School, Newport, Rhode Island.  As a Captain or Field Grade Officer, many 0102's attend the 9 day Manpower Officer's Course at Camp Johnson.

Duties at the company grade level: receiving and routing correspondence, maintaining command files and directives, overseeing forms management programs, personnel strength reporting, processing awards and decorations, providing expertise on performance evaluations, safeguarding classified material, overseeing unit level legal matters, casualty reporting and supervising unit-level postal functions.   One popular duty typically assigned to the battalion adjutant is to read the 13th Commandant's Birthday Message during the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

Duties at the field grade level include: overseeing the four functional areas of administration, S-1 section, personnel administration section, civilian manpower section, G1 Operations section, Manpower Plans and Policy Development, and Military and Civilian Manpower Planning and Staffing. Billets include: Unit S-1 Officer, Manpower Officer, G-1 Operations Officer, G-1 Adjutant, Deputy G-1, and the Assistant Chief of Staff (AC/S G-1) in the Operating Forces, Supporting Establishment, and Joint assignments

There are approximately 480 Manpower Officers in the Marine Corps, with roughly 75% being between the ranks of First Lieutenant and Major.  The promotion and career paths for the 0102 MOS are the same as most other MOSs.  Lieutenant and junior Captains usually work in Battalion S-1 shops, with Captain's and skilled Lieutenants working at the Division/Group/Wing level.  Major's tend to work at billets in Headquarters Marine Corps and Pentagon manpower and policy roles, while Lieutenant Colonels serve as primary staff officers to General Officers.

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