0111 - Administrative Specialist

            Pvt - MGySgt

The 0111 Administrative MOS is likely the most versatile and commonly found specialties in the Marine Corps.  Responsible for all clerical and administrative tasks, Admin Specialists can be found in unit Admin shops, Installation Personnel Administration Centers, and headquarters elements.  No government entity can function without personnel to handle paperwork, and there is virtually no component in the Marine Corps without 0111's assigned.  Marines may hold this primary MOS from Private through Master Gunnery Sergeant.

Administrative Specialist responsibilities include the management of administrative and clerical functions in the areas of general administration, personnel administration, operational administration, and manpower administration. The required qualifications include basic clerical and communication skills. Administrative Specialists are required to learn administrative procedures and processes, pay and personnel information, preparation of orders and directives, correspondence, and the use and maintenance of filing systems.  The civilian equivalent of an 0111 is a Human Resources specialist.

There are approximately 6,400 Active Duty Marines with the MOS 0111 between the ranks of Private and Master Gunnery Sergeant.  This MOS promotes quickly, taking a little over one year to make Lance Corporal, and many Marines make Corporal in 2-2.5 years.  Capable Marines can make Sergeant in the MOS in as little as four years, one of the fastest promoting opportunities in the Marine Corps.  Roughly 6% of 0111's are Privates or PFCs, with nearly 50% of all Marines in the MOS between the ranks of LCpl and Cpl.  Approximately 50% of 0111's are Sergeants, with the remaining quarter being Staff Non-Commissioned Officers.  

To become an 0111, Marines will attend the Administrative Specialist Course in Camp Lejeune, NC and receive the MOS upon graduation.  Marines in the 0111 MOS may return to the school for courses as an NCO or as a Staff-NCO to further their technical knowledge in the MOS.  

Administrative specialists are numerous in the Marine Corps, and therefore there is no "normal" career progression - each 0111 will have a different career path.  Generally speaking, Marines in the MOS will rotate between admin shops in various operational and supporting establishment units, work at one of the nine Installation Personnel Administrative Centers, and special duty assignments.  At senior ranks, 0111's help to advise commanding staff on manpower management, staffing, and administrative procedures. 

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