0205 - Master Analyst

            WO - CWO5

The Master Analyst is an intelligence operations Subject Matter Expert (SME), specially trained and experienced to advise and assist the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Officer (0202), commanders, and staff, when required, in the planning, collection, and implementation and integration of all intelligence disciplines across the spectrum.


The Master Analyst's role is to direct and execute intelligence processes to support the functions of intelligence responsible to the commander. To do this, the Master Analyst develops operational strategies by applying analytic methods, implementing intelligence doctrine, and leveraging intelligence capabilities to support planning at all levels of the MAGTF.


The Master Analyst further assists the MAGTF Intelligence Officer in developing, supervising and overseeing multi-discipline intelligence training plans, which range from individual to collective Training and Readiness (T&R) tasks.


Additional duties include involvement in intelligence systems acquisition, integration of emerging technologies and techniques into current and future operations. The Master Analyst's strength is their ability to think critically and maintain physical, functional, and virtual linkages between various  intelligence disciplines, units, and organizations to maximize organic intelligence assets and available resources across the range of military operations.

Master Analyst Officer billet assignments include the Marine Corps Intelligence Battalions, Marine Expeditionary Units, Marine Expeditionary Forces, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, Marine Corps Intelligence Schools, Marine Forces Commands, Headquarters, United States Marine Corps, and Joint Commands. Additional assignments may be allocated based on needs of the Marine Corps.

There are roughly 40 Master Analysts in the Marine Corps, with a majority between ranks CWO2 and CWO3.  To be selected this MOS, Marines must have successfully served two or more years in the operating forces in a primary MOS of 0231, 0241, 0261, or 2629.  


To become an 0205, following WOBC, officers must pass MAGTF Intelligence Analysis Career Course (MIACC), Marine Corps Intelligence Schools, Marine Corps Detachment Dam Neck, Virginia and have a current single scope background investigation/T5 investigation and adjudicated for sensitive compartmented information (SCI) eligibility.

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