0231 - Intelligence Specialist                     

            Pvt - MSgt

The 0231 Intelligence Specialist Primary MOS is a highly versatile intelligence MOS. Specialists are involved in nearly every aspect of the intelligence occupational field.

Intelligence Specialist is an entry level primary MOS. Intelligence Specialists are familiar with all phases and facets of intelligence operations. Typical duties of Intelligence Specialists include researching, filtering, recording, analyzing producing, and disseminating information and intelligence. Additionally, depending on billet assignment, Intelligence Specialists duties may include collection requirements management, targeting, and target production related duties.

The Intelligence Specialist, depending on rank, may supervise intelligence sections up to and including those within Infantry Regiments, Marine Air Groups and Marine Expeditionary Units. Other assignments may include analyst, collection requirements manager, and intelligence operations chief, Company level intelligence cell Chief, OSINT analyst, and targeting cell analyst billets at various echelons of command within the operating force and supporting establishment.

The 0231 MOS is the largest within the 02 Occupational Field with approximately 2,000 Marines bearing the designation.  70% of the MOS's population is between Lance Corporal and Sergeant.  Marines become Intelligence Specialists after completing MAGTF Intelligence Specialist Entry Course, Marine Corps Intelligence Schools, Marine Corps Detachment Dam Neck, Virginia.  Marines can be selected for this MOS immediately out of recruit training or laterally transfer into it.  All Marines requesting a lateral move into the MOS must have a screening interview conducted by a 0231 GySgt or above. Interview waivers can be granted only by the Occupational Field manager or  CMC (MM). Marines who execute a lat-move to the 0231 MOS must attend Primary MOS training within 6 months of reporting to a command offering on-the-job training (OJT). Failure to attend and pass MOS training will result in an MOS reclassification or separation per current MMEA guidelines and applicable MCOs (may be waived by IOP and MMEA). 

0231's are found in Battalion and Regiment S-2 Intelligence Shops, and G-2 Intelligence Shops within the Marine Divisions, Logistics Groups, and Air Wings, as well as every intelligence battalion and headquarters unit.  Marines in the MOS may stay in this MOS or laterally move into other MOS's such as 0211 CI/HUMINT Specialist or 0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist.  

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