0306 -  Infantry Weapons Officer (Marine Gunner)

            CWO2 - CWO5

The 0306 Infantry Weapons Officer, commonly referred to as a Marine Gunner (Gunner for short), is the eminent warrant officer MOS in the Marine Corps.  The Marine Gunner is a Chief Warrant Officer specifically trained in the employment and training of infantry battalion organic weapons, gear and assigned personnel and in the basics of Combat Marksmanship.


Gunners are Special Staff Officers employed as the principal advisor to commanders at all levels. They assist in the development of training and employment plans designed to ensure Mission Essential Task compliance. They help design and vet the weaponeering and training policies of the commander and help to disseminate information to the unit’s personnel regarding such policies. They generate and quantify reports on the unit’s technical and tactical weaponeering proficiency and brief the unit commander as to where each subordinate unit sits in regards to his intent.


Gunners also mentor the officers and Marines of the unit in all applicable mechanical, doctrinal and conceptual weaponeering and training matters as required to improve the general effectiveness and proficiency of the command. They have oversight of the unit's ammunition allocation and annual weapons requalification and certification programs. They accommodate all weapons organic to the MAGTF.


There are roughly 100 Gunners in the Marine Corps.  They serve in every infantry battalion, regiment, and division as advisors to commanders.  They also serve as Range Control Officers for Marine Corps weapons ranges at every Marine Corps base and installation. Gunners also direct the entry-level marksmanship training of officers and enlisted at Recruit Training and Basic Officer's Course.


Additional duties will include: Battalion Landing Team (BLT) Gunner in support of a MEU, Team New Equipment Training (NET), new weapons systems and gear research and development, foreign weapons training, participation in applicable Course Curriculum Review Boards (CCRB), new curriculum development for marksmanship and infantry related tasks, vetting of draft Infantry and Marine Corps Common Skills Training and Readiness Manuals and fire support planning.

Gunners handle the testing, equipment selection, and training for Infantry Marines on all types of conventional infantry and ground ordnance.  This is accomplished by Division Gunners and the Gunners at Weapons and Field Training Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia.  


Becoming​ a Marine Gunner is a difficult process designed to ensure the most capable and competent enlisted Marines are selected for the MOS.  Applicants for selection to Gunner must be a Gunnery Sergeant with at least one year Time-in-Grade, have a minimum GT score of 110, have a primary MOS of 0321, 0363, 0369, or must have previously served in an infantry, light armored reconnaissance, or reconnaissance battalion as a Gunnery Sergeant in the 0321, 0363, 0372, or 0369 MOS.

Applicants must also have attended at least one of the following courses: Infantry Unit Leaders Course, Advanced Infantry Marine Course, Infantry Small Unit Leaders Course, Light Armored Reconnaissance Leader Course, Reconnaissance Team Leader Course, Advanced Machinegun Course, Advanced Mortar Course, Advanced Assault Marine Course, or Advanced Anti-Armor Course.

0306 is the only MOS where enlisted Marines selected to the specialty are immediately made Chief Warrant Officer 2.  There is no Warrant Officer (WO-1) in the Gunner community.  After selection, Marines will attend Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) at The Basic School (TBS), Quantico, Virginia.  After graduating WOBC, Gunners will attend the Infantry Weapons Officer Course, Quantico, Virginia.


There are less than 100 Gunners in the Marine Corps, with roughly 50 as CWO2's, and 40 between CWO3 and CWO4.

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