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MOS Description and Mission

The 0203 Ground Intelligence Officer is a challenging, competitive, and highly trained MOS filled with some of the Marine Corps' best young officers. Ground Intelligence Officers serve as commanders and staff officers in the operating forces and are responsible for tactical planning and employment of ground surveillance and reconnaissance units as well as the coordination of a unit's overall intelligence effort.

Ground Intelligence Officers analyze and evaluate information; estimate the tactical situation; and formulate, coordinate, execute approved intelligence actions, operations, and activities to include offensive and defensive actions, reconnaissance, and fire support. They command and/or lead ground units in tactical information gathering operations and activities in support of identified collection requirements. Additionally, they are responsible for manning, training, equipping, sustaining, and maintaining their unit. Through the intelligence officer, they support the overall intelligence effort of the command.
A typical first tour assignment for a Ground Intelligence Officer is as either the unit Intelligence Officer or the Assistant Intelligence Officer (S-2 or S-2A) within an O-5 (Lieutenant Colonel) or O-6 (Colonel) level command at either one of the battalions or regiments within either the MARDIV or the MLG as part of the GCE or LCE of the MAGTF, respectively. Ground Intelligence Officers can serve as Scout Sniper Platoon Commanders but can also be assigned to a company within an Intelligence Battalion as part of the CE of the MAGTF or to the G-2 at a MARDIV in support of a Major or Lieutenant Colonel on a General Officer staff.

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