Counterintelligence/Human Source Intelligence (Cl/HUMINT) Officer

MOS Facts

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1stLt - 2ndLt

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Combat Arms?

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MOS Description and Mission

CI/HUMINT Officers serve in both counterintelligence and human intelligence billets. They command and/or lead CI/HUMINT units in
tactical information gathering operations and activities in support of identified collection requirements. CI/HUMINT Officers command, plan, and direct the employment and execution of CI/HUMINT units and approved operations and activities. CI/HUMINT Officers advise commanders and staffs on information collection efforts and CI/HUMINT operations and activities. Through the Intelligence Officer, they support the overall intelligence effort the command.

CI/HUMINT Officers work to collect information from the local population and personnel within the area of operations to develop an on-the-ground understanding of everything that may effect Marines in the performance of their duties. This includes meeting with local leaders, interrogating detainees, developing relationships with locals to gather information, and discovering what means other organizations may be using to collect information on the Marine Corps' operations in the AO. Based on this information collected, CI/HUMINT Officers will provide reports on changing AO conditions to commanders and advise them on ways to proceed in operational planning and execution. Additionally, CI/HUMINT Officers spearhead efforts to deny intelligence gathering opportunities to enemies and lead Marine Corps counterintelligence operations.

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