0207 Air Intelligence Officer

0211 Counterintelligence/Human intelligence (Cl/HUMINT) Specialist


Counterintelligence Officer/Human Source Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Operations Officer

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Primary MOS




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Combat Arms?

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MOS Description and Mission

The 0210 Primary MOS is for Warrant Officers in the CI/HUMINT field.. CI/HUMINT Operations Officers are the technical experts on planning and executing CI and HUMINT operations and activities across the full spectrum of military operations. They function as advisors to commanders and staffs concerning the application of CI and HUMINT resources as well as assist the force protection efforts of the parent command. Through the Intelligence Officer, they support the overall intelligence effort of the command focusing on CI/HUMINT collection efforts, assessing potential threats, and monitoring organizations of interest in the area of interest. Principle assignments include Counterintelligence Human Intelligence Detachment (CHD) OICs, CI/HUMINT Company Operations Officers; Assistant Staff CI/HUMINT Officers for the Marine Forces Commands, MEFs, other MAGTF Commanders and Intelligence Department, HQMC.

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