Counterintelligence/Human intelligence (Cl/HUMINT) Specialist

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MOS Description and Mission

The 0211 CI/HUMINT Primary MOS is one of the most sought after MOS's in the Marine Corps. CI/HUMINT Specialists are involved in all facets of planning and conducting CI and HUMINT operations and activities.

CI activities are concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to friendly forces by hostile intelligence organizations, or by persons engaged in espionage, sabotage, subversion or terrorism.
HUMINT activities are designed to obtain intelligence information where the human being is the primary collection instrument. CI/HUMINT specialists are expected to possess a working knowledge of the organization, operations, and techniques employed by foreign intelligence services and terrorist organizations.
These collection activities generate usable intelligence that is critical to the intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB), identifying locations of threats to friendly forces, High Value Targets, enemy weapons caches, and other useful information to further the Marines mission accomplishment in the AO. 0211's received information from local Iraqis to discover this explosives cache in Iraq in 2009.
0211's are where the rubber meets the road for all CI/HUMINT operations. 0211's are typically found in CI/HUMINT platoons internal to the Marine Corps intelligence battalions, but can be attached to infantry units during task organized combat operations. 0211's are invaluable in counterinsurgency operations.

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