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Til Valhalla

The recent events in Afghanistan have elicited a wide range of emotions for Marines, Sailors, and our fellow servicemembers who had fought there in the last two decades. Marines experiences included multiple deployments, missed births, brothers' funerals, innocent civilians deaths, and so much more. It seems like after all that, America is abandoning everything and running as fast as possible. This has left everyone with so many questions.

As the Commandant and Sergeant Major have said, everything Marines and our fellow service members have done in Afghanistan mattered. It mattered to the people of Afghanistan to allow opportunity in individual freedoms they never experienced before. It mattered to the people of our great nation to ensure terror remained out of our country, so we could better enjoy our pursuits of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Yesterday, our nation received news a number of our brothers and sisters gave the ultimate sacrifice to support non-combatant evacuation operations (NEO) at Hamad Karzai International Airport in Kabul. When Marines and our Corpsmen lose their lives in combat, Marines everywhere feel it. We do not know their names, yet we are heartbroken.

To the families of these young men and women, your Marine Family will always be at your side in these tough times, and your sacrifices are not in vain.

To the Marines and Sailor who lost their lives: we love you, and we miss you. We have the watch.

Till Valhalla Marines and Shipmate. Semper Fi.

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