Combat Endurance Course

The Combat Endurance Course is a 2.1 mile run and obstacle course which will test the cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength of all Recruits. It is an individual effort event which pits recruits against some obstacles they previously experienced such as an incline wall, balance beam, and rope swing. They will complete numerous crawls and new obstacles to challenge their bodies and minds.

For this course, recruits will be equipped with their Kevlar helmet, load bearing equipment, two canteens, and their rifles. They will start the course one at a time and be directed through the course by DIs staged throughout the course. If they fail to properly execute an obstacle, DIs may direct a penalty exercise to be completed. For example, if a recruit fails to appropriately climb "The Wall" they may be instructed to complete squats. This will adversely affect the overall time the recruit earns.

Once the course is completed, recruits will report their individual times to scorekeepers and proceed to their gear. Recruits will remove their utility uniforms and may be provided a quick field shower to remove the majority of sand and soil from their bodies. They will then be transported to their squadbays for showers and fresh uniforms before proceeding on to the next training event.

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