Confidence Course

True to its name, this course seeks to instill confidence in each recruit and force them to face their fears, particularly one of heights. This is accomplished through a series of obstacles, each with a unique name and purpose, such as the infamous "Stairway to Heaven." Training at the Confidence Course will prepare Recruits for future events critical to their success at Recruit Training.

When platoons arrive at the Confidence Course, they will stage their gear and receive a brief from their DIs. This brief will cover how to successfully complete each obstacle and the safety measures to be taken at each location. DIs will then demonstrate each obstacle for the recruits. Recruits will then be split into squads and assigned a DI to lead them through the course. At each obstacle, only 1 to 4 can conduct the obstacle at a time, so the remainder of the squad will complete a designated stretch so they stay limber for the next obstacle. At the completion of this event, it is expected recruits will be better prepared to complete later training such as the jump from the swim tower.

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