Inventory PFT/Final PFT

Inventory PFT/Final PFT

The Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is completed by recruits and Marines alike to test the individuals strength and endurance. The PFT consists of three events: 3-mile run, 2 minutes max set of crunches, and max set of pullups. Each event can earn an individual 100 points, for a total maximum score of 300 points. Recruits have the option of planks in lieu of crunches and pushups in lieu of pullups.

Recruits will complete two PFTs during their training. An Initial PFT will familiarize recruits with the conduct of events and the run portion route; the score attained is a benchmark for future development. The Final PFT will prove Recruits can graduate training, and they must meet established minimums.

Minimum scores for each event:

-Run: 27:40
-Pullups: 4 / Push-ups: 42
-Crunches: 70 /Plank: 1:03

-Run: 30:50
-Pullups: 1 /Push-ups: 19
-Crunches: 50 /Plank: 1:03

Recruits must meet the minimum standards of the Final PFT to graduate Recruit Training.