MCMAP Endurance Course

The MCMAP Endurance Course combines martial arts training and PT to create one of the most grueling events of the training cycle. This event is completed on a PT field with a running track and is composed of ten stations. Stations are set about 100 feet apart and will be conducted in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

Like any other PT session, this event will be preceded by warmups to prepare the recruits body for what is to come. DIs will then brief recruits on the conduct of each station, then break them into their squads to complete the event.

Stations during the event include punches, falls, elbows, throws, knees, and kicks. All strikes will be completed using foam strike pads so recruits can perform techniques to their full potential. Recruits will transition between stations by completing 400m sprints, bear crawls, lunges, and buddy carries. This event is 45 to 60 minutes of grueling physical and mental strain which recruits will never forget. After they finish all stations, DIs will cool down the recruits with a set of stretches before the next training event.

The MCMAP Endurance Course is completed up to twice each training cycle and will help prepare recruits for their MCMAP testing to earn Tan Belts.

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