Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course, or O Course, is completed at multiple points during each training cycle. It is composed of 14 obstacles to include low hurdle logs, high logs, high bars, a wall, and a rope climb. Recruits will wear their utility uniform bottoms with boots, and a t-shirt. Sweaters may be worn if the weather requires it. Each platoon be provided detail instructions on how to safely navigate the course and techniques to complete each individual obstacle. DIs will demonstrate these techniques prior to recruits beginning the course.

Recruits will create up to four lines across the O course's first obstacle and will be launched at the discretion of their DIs. Good recruits will strive to beat those in their group to the end of the course. Speed at the O Course is not about strength or agility, but proper execution of technique. Many recruits will be challenged by the finial obstacle, the ropes. In order to successfully complete this obstacle, DIs will provide recruits multiple periods of instruction specific to the ropes.

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