The Crucible

The Crucible is 54 hours of grueling physical and mental endurance. In just over two days, recruits will travel over 50 miles on foot and endure some of the most difficult conditions they have ever faced, whether heat, cold, or rain. The Crucible begins around 0200 with a 7-9 mile hike to the training area. Recruits will then break into groups to complete a rotation of events.

On the first and second day of the Crucible, recruits will complete three daytime events, for a total of six day events. These events will vary in their order, but they will include a casualty evacuations, body sparring, pugil sticks, leadership reaction courses, and a live-fire range.

Each night of the Crucible also has its own event. The first night is a night resupply hike. Each group will be provided ammunition cans between 30 and 50 pounds which they will transport over a three mile hike route. On the second night, recruits will complete another resupply mission, but this second iteration will simulate incorporation of movement through an area of possible enemy fire. Teamwork is key on both nights of events.

The third morning of the Crucible begins around 0300. Recruits will place their packs on their backs and sling their weapons for the longest hike of Recruit Training. Their feet will hurt, their backs will be sore, and they will be more hungry than they have ever been. At the completion of this hike awaits a sweet prize: the title of United States Marine.

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