Getting Your Family Onboard

Talking to your family about if the Marine Corps is right for you

You are interested in joining the Marines but don't know how to start the conversation with your parents? That's okay!

There's three things to focus on communicating to your family when you talk to them:

1) Why you want to join the Marines

2) What you'll get out of being a Marine

3) Addressing any concerns or objections

20130816 - SSgt Stephenson Commissioning

Why You Want To Join

Leading Marines is a high honor and privilege

These are just some of the reasons to choose a career as a Marine Corps officer:

1) Marines hold their officers to the highest standards

I want to serve my country and do it with the best America has to offer. The other services just don't cut it for what I want to do. As a Marine, I will develop into more as a person and leader than I would in another branch.

2) The Challenge

The Marine Corps has a reputation it has earned over the last two centuries. If you choose an easier branch or career field, will you ever know if you had what it took?

3) Leadership Experience

During your​ transition back to the civilian world, you will have more experience on your resume than any of your civilian counterparts. In your early 20s you will lead hundreds of people, plan exercises and operations, and control millions of dollars in equipment.  This is not lost on the private sector, which sees junior military officers as quick-thinking, moldable, and capable team players they want for their organizations. As an organization, we pride ourselves on developing leaders at all ranks.

4) Make a Difference

Marines are rapidly deployable. Whether in defense of our nation or a humanitarian response, we will be the first on the scene. Even if you never deploy, you will be more engaged in your Marines' lives than you would in another branch and will make a difference to them every single day.

5) Education and Skills

Between the scholarship opportunities, the GI Bill and TA, project management and technical skills training, etc. you will have plenty of opportunities to receive higher education. Click here to see all the benefits that come with being a Marine.

6) Travel and Adventure

Fresh out of college, you'll see the world and live places other people never dream of. You'll make friends from places you have never heard of or ever met anyone from.

To see more reasons for and against joining, click here.

Getting Your Family Onboard

Having Your Family Support Your Dream

A frequent concern we hear from many candidates is how to communicate your interest in joining the Marines to your family. Family members may have objections, but we will help you understand how to have the difficult conversation.

Frequent objections family have are the following:

-The Marine Corps is too dangerous

-You'll be far from home

-The Marine Corps is too traditional, strict, and out-of-date

1. The Marine Corps is too dangerous

The country is not at war. Even at the height of the war, the number of Marines injured or killed was extremely low. In any given year, there are more Marines killed in motorcycle accidents than in any type of combat or training accidents. Yes, the job can be dangerous, but generally only for that small portion of Marines on the front lines. As an officer, your probability of being put in dangerous situations is far lower than an enlisted Marine.

2. You'll be far from home

In the Marine Corps you will meet people from around the world over your time in. If after all of that, you realize your home is the place you belong, you can go back never wondering if you belong somewhere else. For others, the Marines offer that opportunity to see what else the world has to offer.

3. The Marine Corps Is Too Traditional, Strict, and Out-of-Date

The Marines are an old and traditional organization. There have been accusations in the media of discrimination against different groups, misconduct, etc. Every organization in America, every service branch, and every part of the government has had misconduct from members in its organization. However, the Marine Corps has some of the strictest policies on Equal Opportunity, Sexual Assault Prevention, and protects whistleblowers on policy violations. We work really hard to ensure our Marines have a safe place to work daily without discrimination or maltreatment. We only care about the work you do, not where you come from, who you pray to, or who you love. As Officers, you are charged with upholding the standards of behavior and being the example of what it means to be a Marine.