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0161 - Postal Clerk 

            Pvt - MGysgt

The 0161 Postal Clerk MOS is a small, but dearly loved occupational specialty in the Marine Corps.  Whether in boot camp or forward deployed, mail call holds a special place in every Marine's heart.  Postal Clerks perform all duties necessary to the efficient operation of a Marine Corps Post Office. Mail handling duties can include, but are not limited to accepting, sorting, manifesting and dispatching all types of mail, to include official mail. Postal Clerks also issue and cash USPS money orders, sell stamps, apply postage to, and mail out parcels. They perform any other duties in connection with the proper running of a postal operation.


Only Postal Marines receiving formal training as listed in the prerequisites and assigned to a military postal facility, may be given this MOS. 0100's attend Postal Operation's Course, Ft Jackson, South Carolina or complete six months of on-the-job training  to earn the MOS.   Postal Clerks will not be assigned to unit mailrooms to conduct mail clerk/orderly functions.  

There are approximately 300 Active Duty Marines with the MOS 0161 between the ranks of Private and Master Gunnery Sergeant.  This MOS promotes at a moderate rate, taking a little over one year to make Lance Corporal, and many Marines make Corporal in 3 years.  Capable Marines can make Sergeant in the MOS in as little as five years.  Less than 6% of 0161's are Privates or PFCs, with nearly 60% of all Marines in the MOS between the ranks of LCpl and Cpl.  Approximately 20% of 0161's are Sergeants, with the remaining quarter being Staff Non-Commissioned Officers.  

Postal Clerks are assigned to installation Post Offices, or forward deployed mailrooms for processing mail in forward deployed theaters of operation. 

The civilian equivalent of an 0161 is a US Post Office Clerk or a Mailroom Supervisor.

Postal Clerks are few in the Marine Corps, and therefore there is a "normal" career progression - each 0161 will have a similar career path.  Generally speaking, Marines in the MOS will rotate between installation level post offices and postal operations in support of forward deployed operational units.  0161's will also be screened for special duty assignments.  


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