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Enlisted Marines Info

The process of becoming an enlisted Marine will go in this order:

  1. Enlisting (meeting a recruiter, signing contracts, MEPS)

  2. Basic Training/Indoctrination (Boot Camp)

  3. Infantry Skills Training at the School of Infantry (SOI)

  4. Military Occupational Skills (MOS) Training

  5. Arriving at your Unit (The Fleet Marine Forces)


Click on these different phases to learn more about each!


Our Most Popular Pages 

  • MOS Contracts

    What contracts can I sign to make sure I get the Military Occupational Specialty that I want? What contract options are available to me?


    What is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and why is it important? How do I study for it? What score is required to get the MOS's I want?

  • Getting Ready for Boot Camp

    Learning about the fitness tests you will have to pass - the Initial Strength Test, the Physical Fitness Test, and the Combat Fitness Test - as well as how to mentally and spiritually prepare for your thirteen week transformation into a Marine.

  • Key Training Events

    The Rifle Range, the Crucible, the Confidence Course, the Combat Tank and more. Learn about each of the major training events, or visit the Training Matrix to see each individual training day.

  • School of Infantry

    The next stop for all Marines after Boot Camp. Will you attend Infantry Training Battalion or Marine Combat Training Battalion?

  • MOS Schools

    Every non-Infantry MOS will go to their school house for anywhere from one to six months to master the technical skills of their military specialty. These schools can be run by the Marines, Army, Navy, or Air Force. Here you will become a basically trained Marine in your MOS.

  • The Fleet

    The elusive Fleet you have heard of since you first stepped on the yellow footprints. The Fleet Marine Forces are the operational units that fight and win ours nation's wars.

  • Active vs Reserves

    What are the main differences between Active Duty and Reserve Marines? Which one is a better fit for you?

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