Dating a Marine

What is it like to date a Marine?  What should I expect?

Entering the world of a Marine can be a new experience full of new terminology, It can honestly be downright confusing.  On this page we will give you the tools to understand everything going on in your Marines life so you can give him or her the support they need.

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Intro to the Corps

The first thing anyone will do when considering joining the military is look for information. We hope to be a trusted source for you and your loved ones.

If your loved one is thinking of joining the Marine Corps, you may see recruiting pamphlets start to show up at your house, receive phone calls from a recruiter, or see your prospective Marine attending workouts with recruiters from the local recruiting station.

The best thing you can do during this phase is learn as much about the Marine Corps, its pros and cons, the enlistment and commissioning processes, and the recruiters as possible.


All this information will enable you to begin having conversations about what this choice means for your family. It is important to understand exactly what this choice will mean for you and your loved one.

If your child or partner is seriously considering the Marine Corps, plan on going to see a recruiter. Meeting recruiters does not commit anyone to joining the institution. 

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A Marine's Workday

  • The day to day for a Marine can be very confusing and will differ wildly across MOSs, however there are many commonalities to a Marines day across the force.  Marines will have a complete workday which will average seven to nine hours, but may be as long as twelve hours depending on operations and training commitments.  An average Marine’s day will normally begin with PT, or physical training, early in the morning.  This is a period of individual or group workouts which is typically around an hour long.  Next, they will have time to shower, change, and grab a bite of chow before a unit formation.  At this formation they will conduct accountability, or roll call, then pass any information for the day.  Marines will proceed to complete whatever training, maintenance, or operations dictated by their leadership for the length of the workday.  Most days are ended with a final formation and Marines are released for liberty until their next work day.

The Demands of Dating a Marine

  • Deployment- Marines regularly deploy across the world for a variety of reasons.  Whether in support of combat operations, humanitarian relief, peacekeeping, or a variety of other missions.  These deployments come in many forms: SPMAGTF, MEU, MRF-D, and more.  Marines can find themselves away from their family and homes for many months at a time.  Don’t worry, this is normal, and though it can be tough, it is regular for the life of a Marine and their family.  Deployments Marines could have little to no access to Thankfully, the good, reliable postal service will normally be available to Marines no matter where they are located, so they can always receive letters, gifts, and other things from home to keep them going. 

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