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Marines don't live in huts, tents, or bays like in the movies. Some live in houses while others rent apartments. At some point, every Marine will live in a barracks.

As Marines promote, some have the option to receive military housing or find their own housing from somewhere in town and receive a housing allowance from the Marine Corps each month. 

Eligibility and pay rates vary. Read below to learn more.


As the name indicates, Bachelors Quarters are generally provided to Marines who do not have dependents. Most Marines at the rank of Sergeant and below will live in the barracks. 

Barracks are completely free of charge.

It is common in overseas duty stations, such as Japan, for Marine Officers to live in Barracks as well.

The barracks are free to live in, but Marines in the barracks will not receive the Basic Allowance for Housing.


Barracks rooms are usually private apartments. Depending on the base and barracks availability, some Marines below the rank of Corporal may have a roommate.


Family Housing, also known as Base Housing,  exists on every major Marine Corps base, and is generally provided to Enlisted and Officers on a first come, first serve basis. 

Housing is usually organized into mini-communities based on rank. Officers are typically located in one section, while Staff Non-Commissioned Officers are in another, and junior Marines are placed separately.

Homes are free to live in, but families occupying base housing will not receive the Basic Allowance for Housing.


Housing policy varies base to base. Some bases allow bachelor Sergeants and below to live out in town, while others do not. 

Although policies vary base to base, all Marines regardless of rank are generally allowed to live off base if barracks have no availability, are damaged, or are in poor condition. Marines may request to move for other reasons.

When Marines do not receive housing, they will receive the duty station's rate for the Basic Allowance for Housing.

Marines may purchase or rent homes to live in near their base.

To learn about buying a house in the military, visit Other Benefits.

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