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From the day they step foot at Recruit Training or begin Officer training, Marines are given access to medical, dental, and specialty care in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Additionally, Marine dependents gain access to a network of military and civilian doctors who will ensure the wellbeing of a Marine's loved ones.  


Wherever a Marine is stationed they are provided access to a Military Treatment Facility, known as an MTF.  These facilities are manned by United States Navy Doctors and Corpsmen, as well as their civilian counterparts. 


MTFs typically offer a multitude of medical, dental, and specialty services for both Marines and their families.  They can range in size from small clinics to large military hospitals.


While serving, Marines and their dependents are covered by free, comprehensive medical insurance known as Tricare. 


Marines generally utilize their local MTF. In the event one is not available or an ER visit is required, Marines will use their Tricare insurance coverage to pay their medical bills.


For dependents, Tricare eligibility begins as soon as they are enrolled into DEERS, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.  DEERS is a database holding  information on Marines and their dependents, giving dependents access to various services such as their medical benefits.

More information on Tricare and plans available to Marine families can be found here.

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Marines receive comprehensive dental care from the many Navy dental clinics. Dental service is provided by Navy doctors and dental assistants, both at home and abroad.  

While Marines are offered dental service at no cost, their families must supplement their medical coverage with a paid plan.  United Concordia currently acts as the provider of dental coverage for Marine family members.

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