Enlisting in the Marine Corps

Starting Your Journey

Enlisting in the Marine Corps is not always the easiest process.

Deciding what options you want to pursue can be confusing and overwhelming.

Enlisting can be broken into three phases:

  1. Applying

  2. Signing a Contract

  3. Poolee and Shipping


We have created pages to explain what to expect in each phase and help guide you in your decision making. As always, if you have questions, please reach out via the Contact Us page or contact your local Marine Recruiter.


How do you contact a recruiter? What does your visit to the recruiter look like?

Talking to your friends and family about the possibility of joining the Marines

Diplomas, age, citizenship, physical fitness, test scores and more required to enlist

What is the ASVAB?

How do you get a good score and why does it matter?

How can I get in the right shape to qualify for enlisting in the Marines?

What kind of jobs are available? What is an MOS?

What are the differences between Active Duty and Reserve careers?  

There are some waivers for eligible prospects, but for what things exactly?

What is MEPS?  When do I go?  What do I do at MEPS?

Pool functions, Delayed Entry Program, getting ready, and more

Beginning your journey to your Marine Corps Recruit Depots

Pool functions, Delayed Entry Program, getting ready, and more

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