Graduation - The Final Event

After 13 weeks of training, New Marines get to strut their stuff as they march across the parade deck one final time.

Graduation Ceremony

Recruits have spent 13 weeks learning how to march in lock-step.

With families, friends, and significant others in town to celebrate the graduation ceremony, the New Marines get to show off their discipline, unit cohesion, and skill.

The ceremony is long and traditional - here are the key takeaways for your graduation day:

  • Expect to spend three days practicing. The Drillmasters will make sure you are looking tight.

  • Your friends and family will be screaming your name from the stands as you march across the parade deck

  • When the ceremony ends, your visitors will run onto the parade deck looking for you - make plans to find them ahead of time since everyone looks the same

Special Recognition

As you have learned, it pays to be a winner.


Special recognition and accolades are given to high-performing recruits and top-scoring Marines.


In addition to carrying the guidon, Platoon Guides and Company Honor Graduates receive special recognition.

  • The Company Honor Man (gets a pay raise, meritorious promotion, and is recognized in front of the whole parade)

  • Platoon Guides will have their names and hometowns called out during the pass and review (in addition to meritorious promotions and a pay raise)

Additionally, Marines with the Highest PFT, CFT, Rifle Range, and Academic Scores receive trophies and special recognition.