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Many family members have concerns about their son or daughter, significant other or spouse joining the Marines Corps.

We can't make those go away, but we can help address some of the most burning questions or concerns you have!


Many people are absolutely shocked when they hear that their loved one wants to join the military. For some, it's not a surprise at all. So why does your loved one want to join the Marines?

The most common things we see or hear for people joining are:

  1. Desire for a challenge or to see if they have what it takes

  2. They want to grow into a better version of themselves

  3. Duty, Honor, Country, Patriotism

Sure there are military benefits like technical education and training, but those exist in the other services as well. And perhaps your loved one belongs in another service besides the Marine Corps.

When you stop to think about why your person has chosen the Marines, and think about who they are, where they are coming from, and how they view the world, it may start to seem like less of a surprise.


Still there are a few reasons to question the decision. We'll discuss these further in the next section.


Let's start with why you don't want them to join. There are a some very common arguments against joining the Marines, and most of them are pretty good ones too. Some are emotional, while the rest are logical. 

When talking about the future of your loved one and a decision of such magnitude, it is really important to understand both sides of each argument so you can figure out what is truly the best decision for your family.

Click on these example objections to joining the Marine Corps below to see a discussion surrounding the topic.



The military is certainly a job that exists to go into harm's way - there is no disputing that. With a reputation as The First to Fight, many parents and family members are right to worry about the safety of their Marines. The actual danger to your Marine is actually far lower than you would ever guess. We will highlight a few reasons you can find peace and solace in the safety of your loved ones.

There are some major considerations though before immediately assuming your loved one will be in danger.

  1. The nation is not actively at war. There is little indication or likelihood that we will be at war in the near future as well. 

  2. Even during combat operations, the number of Marines performing roles directly involved in dangerous work is less than 1 in 10. Unless in a Combat Arms role, there is virtually no chance of being routinely endangered.

  3. There are more Marines killed or injured in off-duty motorcycle accidents than training accidents and combat casualties combined in any given year.

  4. The quality of military training and protective equipment has improved tremendously in the last decade. Gone are the days of unarmored vehicles and insufficient protection for the troops. 

It is totally rational to worry about the safety and security of your loved one. Given the factors we have outlined above, you can find comfort in the fact there is very little threat to your loved ones.

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