A History of Success

Time and Again, in the face of all odds, Marines have secured victory for our nation

Since 1775, the Marines have defended Americans, led expeditions deep into foreign territories, and fought in every environment imaginable.  Even in the face of adversity, the Marine Corps knows how to win.  Scroll through this page to learn about our history of winning America's battles since the birth of our nation.

Revolutionary War

November 10, 1775

The Marine Corps is founded by order of the Second Continental Congress to fight in the American Revolution. Legend has our birthplace as Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Old Corps 

1775 - 1917

A World At War

1918 - 1975

World War I

France, 1917 - 1918

Battle-hardened Marines become involved in their first major land campaign, and gained renown for their famous victories in Belleau Wood, earning the nickname "Devil Dogs."

The Modern Marine Corps

1981 - Present


Marines perform stabilization missions and invasions into Grenada, Panama, and Beirut.  Marines establish a reputation as rapidly deployable and reliable contingency forces.