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Getting a Good Score

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, tests individuals' knowledge and skill in multiple areas. 


Your test scores determine your eligibility to enlist in each of the military services as well as the MOS contracts you're eligible for.


The minimum score to qualify for the Marines is a 32, but you'll want to do better to have more MOS options available.  

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Testing Format and Prep

The ASVAB is offered at MEPS, however it may be administered  at high schools and a few other locations as required. 


It is a three hour long multiple choice test. Your recruiters should help you prepare by providing practice tests. 


Scores earned on this test are critical to the Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS,  future Marines will be eligible to select.  

To prepare for the ASVAB, follow these steps:

  1. Take a practice test and see how you score

  2. If you don't get the scores you need for your desired MOS, grab an ASVAB Prep Book

  3. Work through the book to identify areas for improvement

  4. If you are struggling with a section, schedule a tutoring session to get up to speed on the subject

  5. Repeat process from Step 1 until you get the score you need for your goals

How Does It Get Scored?

The ASVAB consists of several different subject areas or subtests.  The nine subtests are:

  1. General Science (GS)

  2. Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)

  3. Word Knowledge (WK)

  4. Paragraph Comprehension (PC)

  5. Mathematics Knowledge (MK)

  6. Electronics Information (EI)

  7. Auto and Shop Information (AS)

  8. Mechanical Comprehension (MC)

  9. Assembling Objects (AO)

When candidates complete the ASVAB, they will receive a raw score for each of the subtests. 


These raw scores are added together to create various composite scores. These composite scores show your potential in each potential functional area. 

The first and most important composite score is the Armed Forces Qualification Test, or AFQT. This score is calculated by adding combining your scores in math and verbal disciplines; AR, MK, WK, and PC. 


The AFQT calculation is displayed on a 1-99 scale. 

To enlist in the Marines you must score at least 32 points.  Individuals who posses a GED instead of a High School Diploma must score a minimum of 50 points. 

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The ASVAB and MOS Selection

**This Information will only remain on this page until the MOS Library is completed**

The additional composite scores are known as Line Scores.  These Line Scores are utilized to identify eligibility for specific MOSs.  Marine Corps Line Score computations are composed as follows:

  • CL - Clerical: VE+AR+MK

  • EL - Electronics: GS+AR+MK+EI

  • GT - General Technical: VE+AR

  • MM - Mechanical Maintenance: NO+AS+MC+EI

  • ST - Skilled Technical: GS+VE+MK+MC

Each Marine Corps MOS has a minimum line score requirement to qualify for enlistment into that MOS.  The list below shows the different required line scores for each MOS.


MOS    MOS Description      
0121    Personnel Clerk   CL=100
0151    Administrative Clerk    CL=100
0161    Postal Clerk    CL=90

Intelligence, Cyberintelligence, Linguists Operations and Planning
    MOS Description          

0231    Intelligence Specialist    GT=100
0261    Geographic Intelligence Specialist    EL=100

​0511    MAGTF Planning Specialist    GT=110

2542    Communication Center Operator    GT=110
2621    Communications Signal Collection/Manual Morse Operator/Analyst    GT=100
2631    Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Intercept Operator/Analyst    GT=100
2651    Special Intelligence System Administrator/Communicator    GT=100

2671    Arabic Cryptologic Linguist    GT=105
2673    Korean Cryptologic Linguist    GT=105
2674    Spanish Cryptologic Linguist    GT=105
2676    Russian Cryptologic Linguist    GT=105


Infantry, Reconnaissance, and Security Guard

MOS    MOS Description            
0311    Rifleman    GT=80
0313    LAV Crewman    GT=90
0321    Reconnaissance Man    GT=105
0331    Machine Gunner    GT=80
0341    Mortarman    CT=80
0351    Assaultman    GT=80
0352    Antitank Assault Guided Missileman    GT=90



MOS    MOS Description      
0411    Maintenance Management Specialist    GT=100
0431    Logistics/Embarkation and Combat Service Support (CSS) Specialist    GT=100
0451    Air Delivery Specialist    GT=100
0481    Landing Support Specialist    GT=95



MOS    MOS Description            

0612    Field Wireman    GT=90
0613    Construction Wireman    EL=90
0614    Unit Level Circuit Switch (ULCS) Operator/Maintainer    EL=100
0621    Field Radio Operator    EL=90
0622    Mobile Multichannel Equipment Operator    EL=100
0624    High Frequency Communication Central Operator    EL=100
0626    Fleet SATCOM Terminal Operator    EL=100
0627    Ground Mobile Forces SATCOM Operator    EL=100



MOS    MOS Description            

0811    Field Artillery Cannoneer    GT=90
0842    Field Artillery Radar Operator    GT=105
0844    Field Artillery Fire Control Man    GT=105
0847    Artillery Meteorological Man    GT=105
0861    Fire Support Man    GT=100

Utilities and Engineering

MOS    MOS Description            

1141    Electrician    EL=90
1142    Electrical Equipment Repair Specialist    EL=100
1161    Refrigeration Mechanic    MM=105
1171    Hygiene Equipment Operator    MM=85
1181    Fabric Repair Specialist    MM=85
1316    Metal Worker    MM=95
1341    Engineer Equipment Mechanic    MM=95
1345    Engineer Equipment Operator    MM=95
1361    Engineer Assistant    GT=100
1371    Combat Engineer    MM=95
1391    Bulk Fuel Specialist    MM=85

Tanks and AAVs

MOS    MOS Description            

1833    Assault Amphibious Vehicle    GT=90


MOS    MOS Description      

2111    Small Arms Repairer/Technician    MM=95
2131    Towed Artillery Systems Technician    MM=95
2141    Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Repairer/Technician    MM=105
2146    Main Battle Tank (MBT) Repairer/Technician    MM=105
2147    Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Repairer/Technician    MM=105
2161    Machinist    MM=105
2171    Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer    MM=105
2311    Ammunition Technician    GT=100


Electronics Maintenance

MOS    MOS Description            

2811    Telephone Technician    EL=115
2818    Personal Computer (PC)/Tactical Office Machine Repairer    EL=115
2822    Electronic Switching Equipment Technician    EL=115
2831    Multichannel Equipment Repairer    EL=115
2841    Ground Radio Repairer    EL=115
2844    Ground Communications Organizational Repairer    EL=115
2846    Ground Radio Intermediate Repairer    EL=115
2847    Telephone Systems/Personal Computer Intermediate Repairer    EL=115
2871    Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Technician    EL=115
2881    Communication Security Equipment Technician    EL=115
2887    Counter Mortar Radar Repairer    EL=115

Supply, Accounting, and Legal

MOS    MOS Description            

3043    Supply Administration and Operations Clerk    CL=110
3051    Warehouse Clerk    CL=90
3052    Packaging Specialist    CL=80
3112    Traffic Management Specialist    CL=90
3361    Subsistence Supply Clerk    CL=90
3381    Food Service Specialist    GT=90
3432    Finance Technician    CL=110
3451    Fiscal/Budget Technician    CL=110

4421    Legal Services Specialist    CL=100
6672    Aviation Supply Clerk    CL=100
6673    Automated Information Systems (AIS) Computer Operator    CL=100


Motor Transport

MOS    MOS Description      
3521    Organizational Automotive Mechanic    MM=95
3531    Motor Vehicle Operator    MM=85
3533    Logistics Vehicle System Operator    MM=85


Combat Imagery and Media Operations

MOS    MOS Description            

4341    Combat Correspondent    GT=105
4611    Combat Illustrator    GT=100
4612    Combat Lithographer    GT=100
4641    Combat Photographer    GT=100
4671    Combat Videographer    GT=100


Military Police and Corrections

MOS    MOS Description      
5811    Military Police    GT=100
5831    Correctional Specialist    GT=100


Aviation Electronics Technician

MOS    MOS Description            

5937    Aviation Radio Repairer    EL=105
5942    Aviation Radar Repairer    EL=105
5952    Air Traffic Control Navigational Aids Technician    EL=105
5953    Air Traffic Control Radar Technician    EL=105
5954    Air Traffic Control Communications Technician    EL=105
5962    Tactical Data Systems Equipment (TDSE) Repairer    EL=105

5963    Tactical Air Operations Module Repairer    EL=105

6311    Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon Systems Technician    EL=105
6312    Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Weapon Systems Technician – AV-8    EL=105
6314    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Avionics Technician    EL=105
6316    Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems Technician – KC-130    EL=105
6317    Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Weapon Systems Technician – F/A-18    EL=105
6322    Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical Systems Technician – CH-46    EL=105
6323    Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical Systems Technician – CH-53    EL=105
6324    Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon Systems Technician – U/AH-1    EL=105
6326    Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon Systems Technician – V-22    EL=105
6331    Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician-Trainee    EL=105
6332    Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician – AV-8    EL=105
6333    Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician – EA-6    EL=105
6336    Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician – KC-130    EL=105
6337    Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician – F/A-18    EL=105
6386    Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician – EA-6B    EL=105


Aviation Mechanic

MOS    MOS Description            

6046    Aircraft Maintenance Administration Specialist    CL=100
6048    Flight Equipment Technician    MM=105
6061    Aircraft Intermediate Level Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic    MM=105
6071    Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (SE) Mechanic    MM=105
6072    Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Structures Mechanic    MM=105
6073    Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Electrician/ Refrigeration Mechanic    MM=105
6074    Cryogenics Equipment Operator    MM=105
6091    Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures Mechanic    MM=105
6092    Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures Mechanic    MM=105


Aviation Support

MOS    MOS Description            

6511    Aviation Ordnance Technician    GT=105
6531    Aircraft Ordnance Technician    GT=105
6541    Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician    GT=105

7011    Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician    MM=9

7051    Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Specialist    MM=95

7041    Aviation Operations Specialist    CL=100
7234    Air Control Electronics Operator    GT=105
7242    Air Support Operations Operator    GT=100


Air Control and Navigation

MOS    MOS Description       

7251    Air Traffic Controller    GT=105
7257    Air Traffic Controller    GT=105
7314    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Air Vehicle Operator    GT=105
7371    Aerial Navigator    GT=110
6821    Weather Observer    GT=105

7381    Airborne Radio Operator/Inflight Refueling Observer/ Loadmaster    GT=110



MOS    MOS Description            

5526    Musician    AFQT=50

5711    Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) Defense Specialist    GT=110

7212    Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Gunner    GT=90
4066    Small Computer Systems Specialist    GT=110
4067    Programmer – ADA    GT=110


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