Pay and Compensation

Pay Scales, Calculators, and more

Marines are paid in accordance with the military pay scales that are approved annually by Congress. Pay is determined based on rank and time in service.

Marines also receive tax-free allowances for food and housing based on rank and if they have legal dependents.

Some MOS's carry incentive pay and reenlistment bonuses.


Policies and Calculators

Marines have the option to receive on-base housing or secure their own accommodations.

After 90 days of continuous service, Marines are eligible for the VA Home Loan, a zero-percent down, no PMI, low-interest mortgage under-written by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Education Benefits

GI Bill, Tuition Assistance, Credentialing Joint Service Transcripts, and more

The Marine Corps invests in its people. Whether it's before, during, or after service, programs exist to help Marines continue their education in colleges, professional programs, and even technical certifications from their MOS.

Medical,  Dental, & Vision Care

Full coverage for you and your family

Marines receive full medical, dental, and vision care from the day they start on active duty until they separate. Dependents receive these same benefits from one of the nation's best and most robust healthcare programs with no co-pays and no restrictions.

Transition Assistance

Resources to aid you in the transition back to civilian life

Whether serving for less than four years or more than 20, every Marine will reach a point at which they take off the uniform for the last time. Being a Marine, and many of the benefits that come with it, don't stop with your departure from the Corps.

Here, we have compiled a timeline for transition with lists of resources provided by both the government and non-profits to make the transition easier.

Pension, 401K, & Retirement

Benefits from a career of service

All Marines joining after January 1, 2018 are enrolled in the Blended Retirement System, a blend between a 401k and pension retirement plan. All Marines can contribute to their 401k, regardless of time in service and retirement plans.

Other Benefits

Taking Care of Your Family

Marines have access to life insurance and other gratuities to ensure your family is cared for in the event of an accident.

Marine family services include daycare centers, training for new parents, marriage counseling, and many other that support military families during your career.