Joining the Corps

Do You Have What It Takes?

Is It Right For You?

Joining the Marines is NOT for everyone.  There is a reason we are known as "The Few, The Proud."  The journey into our ranks will challenge every part of you.

If you want to serve your country, there are other branches of the military available. There are also plenty of ways to be of service and make a difference without joining the military.  The Marine Corps is looking for men and women with the fighting spirit and indomitable will this nation expects of its Marines.  We are the best, and we only want the best in our ranks.

Marines are made.  The process is difficult. Many don't cut it.  We don't promise you a rose garden, but the Marines make three promises:

We make Marines, win our Nation’s battles, and develop quality American citizens.  

Why Should I Join the Marine Corps?

Reasons Not to Join the Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is NOT for most people

The purpose of joining the military is to serve.  There are just as many ways, if not more, to serve outside the military than in. 


If you choose to serve in the military, understand that each branch serves our Nation in their own ways and are due proper respect.


Each service member sacrifices their own safety, and sometimes happiness, for the greater good.


The Air Force provides you an opportunity to do this in the most comfort.


The Navy offers this with the most travel.


The Army offers this with the most personnel and opportunities.

The Marine Corps offers you the opportunity to do this with the most pride, but with the least luxury and lowest overall quality of life.

Unless you are joining the military and specifically want to be a Marine, you should consider a different branch service.  The Marine Corps offers pride and camaraderie, while the other services offer much more in terms of technical experience and transferable skills.


It is a dangerous line of work.  Although statistically unlikely, death, injury, and trauma are all possible.


You think you are tough.  The men and women arriving at boot camp who think they are tough due to whatever neighborhood they came from are the first ones to crack, fail, cry, and try to quit.


You do not have your heart in it. Unless you have that little voice in the back of your head telling you this is something you are meant to do, you will fail in difficult situations and be generally unhappy.


There are numerous restrictions and additional rules.  Military discipline comes with sacrificing multiple aspects of personal identity and freedoms, ranging from personal grooming to freedom of speech.


You will likely be stationed far from home.  The Marine Corps deploys often and is stationed on the nation's coasts, islands, embassies, and foreign territories.  At some point you will miss a birthday, wedding, or graduations.


The benefits.  The Marine Corps gets the least funding for equipment, barracks, facilities, and more, while having the same pay and benefits as other military branches.  There are easier ways to get a college education or healthcare.


You will not get paid overtime.  Whether on vacation or deployment, your paycheck will remain unchanged.  There are plenty of long workdays, weekends, holidays, and more.



For every hour of excitement, there are four of boredom.  There can be substantial micromanagement, group punishments, and wasted time during peacetime.


Not all Military Occupational Specialties (MOS's) have any carryover to the civilian world after you leave the Marine Corps.