Where Marines Serve

Marines are assigned to units on military bases or other Marine Corps and government facilities in support of their mission. The place where a Marine's unit operates from is known as a Duty Station.  

The Marines have units all over the country and the rest of the globe. The Marine Expeditionary Force, or MEF, is the senior warfighting organization which the Marine Corps is based.  Visit the maps below to learn where the MEFs are located, where they are stationed, and what units are at each location.


I Marine Expeditionary Force

Home to 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Logistics Group, and 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, I MEF is located primarily along the California coast and in the California and Arizona deserts.  


I MEF Bases:

  • MCB Camp Pendleton 

  • MCAGCC Twentynine Palms

  • MCAS Miramar

  • MCAS Yuma


II Marine Expeditionary Force

This organization houses 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, and 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.  Marines of II MEF call North Carolina and South Carolina their home.


II MEF Bases:

  • MCB Camp Lejeune

  • MCAS New River

  • MCAS Cherry Point

  • MCAS Beaufort



III Marine Expeditionary Force

This MEF is the parent organization of 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, and 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.  III MEF is posted at locations throughout the Pacific at locations such as Okinawa, Japan and Hawaii.  


I MEF Bases:

  • MCB Camp Smedley Butler

  • MCB Hawaii

  • MCAS Iwakuni

  • MCAS Futenma


The Marine Corps maintains multiple installations which support the warfighter from afar.  Whether executing training or conducting critical maintenance, these installations provide the Marine Corps the key personnel and equipment needed to execute its missions.

  • MCB Quantico

  • MCRD Parris Island

  • MCRD San Diego

  • MWTC Bridgeport

  • MCLB Albany

  • MCLB Barstow