17 - Cyberspace Operations

The Cyberspace Operations OccFld includes the employment of offensive cyberspace operations (OCO) and defensive cyberspace operations (DCO). Marines in this field maneuver in and through cyberspace in order to defend the network and create effects in support of operations.


Marines in the cyberspace operations field will be required to monitor network operations, identify, respond to, and mitigate network attacks, conduct analysis of cyberspace environment to allow for follow-on actions, and operate the hardware and software required to create cyberspace effects in support of operations.


Duty assignments include, Marine Corps forces Cyberspace Command, Defensive Cyberspace Operations, Internal Defensive Measures Companies, Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion, Radio Battalions, Intelligence Battalions, and staff sections at all levels of the MAGTF.

Officer MOS List


Cyberspace Officer

2ndLt - LtCol

Primary MOS


Cyberspace Welfare Development Officer

Capt - LtCol

Primary MOS


Offensive Cyberspace Warfare Officer


Primary MOS


Defensive Cyberspace Warfare Officer


Primary MOS

Enlisted MOS List

Cyberspace Exploitation Operator


SSgt - GySgt

Primary MOS

Cyberspace Defensive Operator


Pvt - GySgt

Primary MOS

Cyberspace Operations Chief


MSgt - MGySgt

Primary MOS

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