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The Official Start of Recruit Training

Forming is the indoctrination to Recruit Training which takes place immediately after Receiving and prior to Phase I of training. It lasts four days and is traditionally the most stressful portion of the training cycle. The purpose of these days is to “form” the platoons into cohesive units and to teach civilians how to be recruits in preparation for Training Day 1.

Recruits are introduced to their Company Commander, Company First Sergeant, Series Commander, and Chief Drill Instructor. Most importantly, they meet the Drill Instructors assigned to their platoon, a team of three to five Marines charged with training recruits to become Marines. They are led by a Senior Drill Instructor who is the most experienced member of the team and is responsible for the well-being of each recruit.

Recruits will be thrown into a new environment where their every action will be dictated by the command of their Drill Instructors. They will be taught how to eat, talk, march, sleep, and breath for the remainder of Recruit Training.  Forming constantly places recruits under stress by the Drill Instructors and forces recruits to acclimate to the Recruit Training environment.

Recruits will also be trained in hot/cold weather casualty prevention, foot care, the recruit evaluation process, the Small Unit Leadership Program, weapons handling, and maintenance of the M16A4 Service Rifle.

The word “I” will be stripped from their vocabulary and each of them will become “this Recruit.”

Key Training Events
Sergeant Instructors
Pre-OCS Checklist
Basic Daily Routine
Eating at OCS
Living in the Squadbay
5 Paragraph Order
Getting Ready
What Can I Bring with Me?
Staying in Touch
PT Plans
OCS Knowledge
Knowledge Check
Family Day
Pro Tips
The Rumor Mill
Counseling Call
Honor Grad Principles
Reading Materials
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