Marine Air/Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Officer

Female at Crucible from Cpl Aaron Bolser

MOS Facts

MOS Type: 

Primary MOS




1stLt - LtCol

MOS School: 

Dam Neck, VA

Combat Arms?


Bottom Line, Up Front:

Intelligence Officers promote into this MOS from HUMINT, SIGINT, AirInt and Ground Intelligence MOS's. They will lead Intel Marines and serve in Staff Roles throughout the Corps.


MOS Description and Mission

The 0202 MAGTF Intelligence Officer formulates plans, policies, and procedures pertaining to intelligence operations at all levels of the Operating Forces, Supporting Establishment, and Joint Commands. They are critical primary staff officers in any operational command and a senior officer in Intelligence Battalions. Officers promote into this MOS from 0203 Ground Intelligence Officers, 0204 Counterintelligence/Human Source Intelligence (CI/HumInt) Officers, 0206 Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare Officers, or 0207 Air Intelligence Officers. You'll find yourself working in the intelligence section of a command, or leading an Intel unit inside an Intelligence Battalion.