Infantry Officer

Female at Crucible from Cpl Aaron Bolser

MOS Facts

MOS Type: 

Primary MOS




2ndLt - LtCol

MOS School: 

Quantico, VA

Combat Arms?


Bottom Line, Up Front:

The premier MOS in the Marine Corps, these Officers lead Infantry Marines in Combat to destroy the enemy in all environments and weather conditions, day or night.


MOS Description and Mission

While every Marine Officer may be a rifle platoon commander, Infantry Officers are selected through a grueling process to be the warfighters and leaders in charge of Marine Corps infantry units.  They plan, direct, and assist in the deployment and tactical employment of MAGTFs and any subordinate infantry and reconnaissance units. Infantry Officers are responsible for the discipline, morale, and welfare of their unit's Marines. To fulfill these responsibilities, they evaluate intelligence; estimate the operational situation; and formulate, coordinate, and execute appropriate plans for offensive/defensive maneuver, reconnaissance, fire support, nuclear, biological and chemical defense, directed energy warfare, communications and operational logistics and maintenance.

This will be the primary MOS for 0303 LAR Officers and 0307 Ground Reconnaissance Officers.