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Antitank Missile Gunner

Female at Crucible from Cpl Aaron Bolser

MOS Facts

MOS Type: 

Primary MOS




Pvt - Sgt

MOS School: 

Camp Pendleton, CA or Camp Lejeune, NC

Combat Arms?


Bottom Line, Up Front:

Provide medium and heavy anti-armor fire while operating anti-tank missile system like the TOW/Sabre and Javelin Missile Systems in Infantry and LAR Battalions. Also cross-trained and proficient in infantry skills and the employment of machine guns.


MOS Description and Mission

The 0352 Antitank Missile Gunner is the primary MOS for enlisted infantry Marines with specialized training in the employment of antitank missile weapons systems. These grunts are specialized in the use of heavy crew served weapons. Plain and simple, they bring the heavy guns into the fight.

The Antitank Missile Gunner is responsible for the tactical employment of the M220E4 TOW2 Weapon System, M98A1 Javelin Weapons System, Anti-Armor Operations, and Tactical Vehicle Operations. They provide medium and heavy anti-armor fire in support of the infantry battalion, LAR battalion, and the MAGTF. They are located in the anti-armor platoon within the weapons company of the infantry battalions and LAR battalions.

Primarily found in Combined Anti-Armor Teams (CAAT) Platoons, these Marines frequently serve as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to assist troops in contact (TIC). CAAT Platoons are highly mobile units using vehicle platform like the LAV and other wheeled assets. The 0352 can be found up in the turret on the TOW rocket, or jumping out the back with a Javelin. With a M240 mounted under the TOW, these Marines are great machine gunners as well.

This MOS is extremely versatile for an infantry MOS. Marines train heavily in MOUT with simulation rounds, practice with grenade launchers like the M203, fire machine guns like the M240 and M2, and much more, in addition to their expertise in missile systems. Some highly skilled Marines in this MOS get selected to learn how to fly UAV's and can even become a JFO or JTAC.

Key Training Events
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