Critical Skills Operator

Female at Crucible from Cpl Aaron Bolser

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Sgt - MGySgt

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MOS Description and Mission

The 0372 Critical Skills Operator MOS is the primary MOS for Marine Corps special operations enlisted Marines, also known as Marine Raiders. These critical skills operators (CSOs), sometimes shortended to Operators, are part of Marine Raider Battalions, and the Marine Corps Special Operations community inside of US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).
Critical Skills Operators (CSO) are the most highly trained Marines, executing missions in the special operations core activities of foreign internal defense (FID)/security force assistance (SFA), direct action (DA), special reconnaissance (SR), counter-terrorism (CT), support to information operations (IO), support to unconventional warfare (UW), and support to countering weapons of mass destruction (CWMD) as part of the Marine Corps component to USSOCOM.