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Financial Management School

Camp Johnson, NC

The mission of Financial Management School is to provide entry, intermediate, and advanced level training in Defense Financial Management and to sustain the transformation of Marines for service in the Marine Corps in order to support Marine Corps garrison and expeditionary Financial Management operations.

Creating the DoD’s best trained, most professional, Financial Managers through realistic and relevant training for service across the U.S. Marine Corps.

• Basic Finance Technician Course (3432) (2 weeks)
• Advance Finance Course (3432) (6 weeks)
• Financial Management Resource Analysts Course (3451) (7 weeks)
• Advance Resource Management Course (3451) (6 weeks)
• Financial Management Officers Course (3404) (11 weeks)
• Advanced Financial Management Officers Course (3404) (10 days)
• Appropriations Law Course (3 days)

These courses are taught by dedicated military instructors and have been developed over the years based on the evolving needs of the financial management community and changing financial management environment.

As Financial Management School looks to the future, there will be increasing demand for a more educated financial management workforce as we enter an austere fiscal environment and cope with our Nation’s larger fiscal challenges. The mission of the Marine Corps Financial Management School is to train and educate the Financial Management workforce in the fundamentals of DoD resource management while sustaining the transformation of Marines for service in the operational and supporting establishments. Since 1986, the Financial Management School has stayed at the forefront of advances in budgeting, accounting, disbursing, and resource evaluation and analysis in order to prepare Marines and civilians for the challenges they will face in all operational environments.

Today, Financial Management School is implementing a new systems training environment, incorporating advanced methods of instruction focusing on case studies, tactical decision games, and practical applications, and developing new courses of instruction across a continuum of training and education and targeted at appropriations law and contingency operations, while continuing to graduate nearly 400 financial management professionals annually. These efforts will ensure that Financial Management School continues to provide efficient, effective, and relevant financial management training in the coming years and in more challenging fiscal environments.

Key Training Events
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