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Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Lejeune or Pendleton

Infantry Training Battalion, or ITB for short, is part of the School of Infantry (SOI). While non-grunts (known as POGs) attend SOI, they will go through a shorter period of instruction which is non-specific to their MOS’s. ITB trains, develops, and certifies Marines as riflemen, machine gunners, mortarmen, infantry assaultmen, and antitank missilemen in order to provide basically qualified infantrymen for service in the Operating Forces. There are two locations – Camp Pendleton, CA and Camp Lejeune, NC.

The course information for specific MOS’s can be found under the MOS Library. All enlisted 03xx MOS’s will go through a shared basic curriculum, covering many of the same aspects as Marine Combat Training does for non-infantry Marines. This training includes throwing grenades, locating improvised explosive devices (IEDs), land navigation, MOUT, and more. After 21 days, the Marines will separate into courses specific to their assigned MOS’s.

0311 riflemen will become proficient in patrolling and grenadier roles, point man roles, navigation, and more.

0331 Machine-gunners will become proficient in employing the Marine Corps’ 3 primary machine gun systems – the M240, the M2 .50 cal, and the Mk19 40mm grenade launcher. They master firing these weapons in various environments, rates, and employment methodology.

0341 Mortarmen will learn how to operate the 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortar systems, become well versed in humping tubes, plates, and rounds, setting stakes, and more.

0351 Assaultmen will learn how to perform breaching and assault functions, such as operating various shoulder fired rockets including SMAWs and AT-4s, as well as the employment of basic demolitions.

0352 Antitank Missile Gunners will become proficient in the use of Javelin and TOW missile systems.

Advanced Infantry Training Battalion (AITB) teaches additional follow-on courses for MOS’s such as Scout Snipers, Light Armored Reconniassance, and Basic Reconnaissance Course.

Key Training Events
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