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Logistics Operations School

Camp Johnson, NC

Logistics Operations School provides relevant, timely, effective and SAT compliant training to entry, intermediate, and advanced students in the logistics related areas of embarkation. landing support, and sustains the professional transformation of Marines in order to prepare them for immediate and effective service, commensurate with their grade and MOS, in the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment.
LOS offers the most MOS specific training courses of any MOS school in the Marine Corps.

Entry-level MOS Courses include MOS-awarding courses for the following MOS’s:

0402 – Logistics Officer Course
0481 – Landing Support Specialist
0430 – Mobility Officer
0431 – Logistics/Embarkation Specialist
0411 – Maintenance Management Specialist
0491 – Logistics/Mobility Chief
3531 – Motor Vehicle Operator
3537 – Motor Transport Operations Chief
3510 – Motor Transport Maintenance Officer
3521 – Automotive Maintenance Technician
3524 – Fuel & Electrical Systems Technician
3529 – Motor Transport Maintenance Chief

The schools and courses for these MOS’s are typically 6 – 8 weeks on average. The actual course details are outlined in greater depth in our MOS Guide.

Key Training Events
Sergeant Instructors
Pre-OCS Checklist
Basic Daily Routine
Eating at OCS
Living in the Squadbay
5 Paragraph Order
Getting Ready
What Can I Bring with Me?
Staying in Touch
PT Plans
OCS Knowledge
Knowledge Check
Family Day
Pro Tips
The Rumor Mill
Counseling Call
Honor Grad Principles
Reading Materials
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