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Marine Aviation Training Support Group - 22

Ft. Huachuca, Lackland AFB, and Goodfellow AFB

Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas is home to the US Military’s signal intelligence schools. 2621 Communications Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Operators, 2629 Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare/Cyberspace Operations Technicians, 2631 Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Analysts, and Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems Engineers will all earn their MOS’s at joint-service courses taught aboard the base. Marines will learn how to operate various forms of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

Additionally, Crash-Fire Rescue school is taught by the US Air Force at Goodfellow AFB. Basic Marines will graduate their fire-fighting courses and earn MOS 7051 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist.

Lackland AFB hosts the US Military’s Brig and Correctional Facilities courses. Marines attending school here will learn how to handle prisoners, operate military corrections facilities (known as “Brigs”), prevent riots, and chase down escapees. Upon graduating, they will earn MOS 5831 Correctional Specialist.

Key Training Events
Sergeant Instructors
Pre-OCS Checklist
Basic Daily Routine
Eating at OCS
Living in the Squadbay
5 Paragraph Order
Getting Ready
What Can I Bring with Me?
Staying in Touch
PT Plans
OCS Knowledge
Knowledge Check
Family Day
Pro Tips
The Rumor Mill
Counseling Call
Honor Grad Principles
Reading Materials
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