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Marine Aviation Training Support Group - 23

NAS Pensacola, FL

Marine Aviation Training Support Group 23 supports Marines attending courses at Enlisted Aviation Maintenance Trainee Management Unit, Keesler Air Force Base, and Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron – 1 aboard NAS Meridian in Mississippi. These are the a mixture of joint and Marine Corps MOS schools where Marines learn to work on Avionics, Aviation Electronics, Spectrum Manager, Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment, General Purpose Electric Test Equipment Calibration and Maintenance, and Meteorological Oceanographic Analyst Forecast.

The Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron One at Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi is home to the Marine Aviation Training Detachment responsible for developing the Marine Corps’ aviation logistics and aircraft maintenance MOS’s. 6672 Aviation Supply Specialists, 6042 Individual Material Readiness List (IMRL) Asset Managers, 6046 Aircraft Maintenance Administration Specialists, and 7041 Aviation Operations Specialist will attend courses hosted by Navy personnel.

Key Training Events
Sergeant Instructors
Pre-OCS Checklist
Basic Daily Routine
Eating at OCS
Living in the Squadbay
5 Paragraph Order
Getting Ready
What Can I Bring with Me?
Staying in Touch
PT Plans
OCS Knowledge
Knowledge Check
Family Day
Pro Tips
The Rumor Mill
Counseling Call
Honor Grad Principles
Reading Materials
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