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Enlisted Commissioning Program

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The ECP allows qualified enlisted Marines in the Regular Marine Corps and in the AR Program with Bachelor's Degrees to apply for assignment to OCS and subsequent appointment as an unrestricted commissioned officer.


Age Requirement:
Target Audience:
Enlisted Marines
Which Component:
Active Duty or Active Reserves

Program Details

ECP is an enlisted to officer commissioning program designed to provide outstanding enlisted Marines the opportunity to serve as Marine Corps officers. The program also provides an aviation option to qualified applicants. ECP is open to all active duty Marines who meet the eligibility requirements below.

Applicants must have satisfactorily earned a baccalaureate level degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university prior to applying for the program.

Applicants must have at least twelve months remaining on their current enlistment or extension from the date of the selection board convening.

(1) Personnel of the regular Marine Corps applying for the ECP program must have a minimum of one year active Marine Corps service and have attained the rank of lance corporal. The minimum active duty requirement may be waived for exceptionally well qualified recruit training graduates based on the recommendation from the CG of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. The rank requirement is not waiverable.
(2) AR Marines must be approved for augmentation into the regular Marine Corps. Participation is contingent upon conditional release from the AR program by the CMC, RAM and MMEA approval of their augmentation request.

a. EAS. AR Marines must meet time in service requirements and be within six months of their EAS from the selection board convening to apply. Requests submitted outside these parameters will be considered on a case-by case basis on AR manpower requirements.
b. Conditional Release. AR Marines applying for ECP must be willing to accept release from the AR program and request for conditional release
c. Appendices. Applicants will ensure that all appendices identified on the application checklist that are applicable, are completed and included in the application.

a. Completion of OCS. Candidates who successfully complete OCS and who are recommended by CG MCRC will be appointed to the grade of second lieutenant in the USMC. All newly appointed officers will be further assigned to TBS for commissioned officer training.
b. Service Agreement. Per the Service Agreement, the officer is required to serve at least eight years in the Marine Corps from the date of appointment to commissioned grade. A minimum of four-years will be served on active duty. Any portion of this eight-year period not served on active duty will be served on inactive duty as a member of the Marine Corps Reserve. A resignation of a reserve commission submitted prior to completion of this eight-year period will normally be rejected and, after this period, may be
accepted or rejected by the President as the needs of the service may then require.
Key Training Events
Sergeant Instructors
Pre-OCS Checklist
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Eating at OCS
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