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MOS Spotlight - 01 Administration

The Manpower Administration and Retention Occupational Field includes the operation and management of administrative and clerical functions in the areas of general administration, personnel administration, operational administration, manpower administration, and postal service.

Qualifications required include basic clerical skills, and communication abilities. The duties involve administrative, managerial, and technical skills. Administrative Specialists are required to learn clerical and administrative procedures and processes, office management, personal computer skills (personnel and pay database retrieval and word processing), preparation and use of military publications and correspondence, preparation of orders and directives, and the use of filing systems and record keeping. Formal schooling is provided to Marines entering this Occupational Field. Types of entry-level jobs available include work as an Administrative Specialist and Postal Clerk. There are a wide variety of billets available in this Occupational Field with assignments ranging from duty at the staff level in the operational, garrison, and joint duty assignments to the opportunity to serve on independent duty in support of the Selected Marine Corps Reserve.

Officers in this occupational field will primarily serve in supervisory assignments related to manpower management, legal and disciplinary affairs, pay and travel management, personnel administration, awards and promotions, advising on administrative policy and other tasks associated with billets.

Check out the below MOSs for more info:

Officer MOSs

Enlisted MOSs

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