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The Marine Corps' New "Bubble"

The Marine Corps continues to transform citizens into Marines at Quantico, Parris Island, and San Diego by taking numerous measures to protect Recruits and Candidates as they matriculate through the training pipeline.

To ensure the safety of the men and women who have embarked on the path of Marine, the Marine Corps has put in place mandatory restrictions of movement for a minimum of fourteen days before commencing training. Once in the pipeline, training company sizes have been restricted to less than 325 in San Diego and 454 in Parris Island. Last, Recruits who graduate from training will not be afforded the typical ten day leave after entry level training in order to minimize potential exposure to the virus. They will instead continue on to the School of Infantry(SOI) for combat training.

Marine leadership has stated these measures also serve to protect other service personnel as Marines transition to military occupational schools at locations hosted by sister services following their time at SOI.

'Protective Bubble" Erected Around Recruit Training'; Headquarters Marine Corps, 8 July 2020 Courtesy Story

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