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We have a few ASVAB study books in stock designed to help you improve your scores and get the MOS you want.  


Scoring well on the ASVAB is the one of the most important things you can do as you start off your career. Your ASVAB score will determine which MOS's you are eligible for!


Start by taking a practice test and then working on areas you are weak on. If you need extra help, check out our tutoring services!

ASVAB Study Book

    Key Training Events
    Sergeant Instructors
    Pre-OCS Checklist
    Basic Daily Routine
    Eating at OCS
    Living in the Squadbay
    5 Paragraph Order
    Getting Ready
    What Can I Bring with Me?
    Staying in Touch
    PT Plans
    OCS Knowledge
    Knowledge Check
    Family Day
    Pro Tips
    The Rumor Mill
    Counseling Call
    Honor Grad Principles
    Reading Materials
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