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Pull-ups are a required test of strength and an essential tool to developing a powerful upper body. Marines perform pull-ups on the annual PFT, directly affecting their ability to promote. Recruits and poolees must be able to perform mandatory minimums or risk being dropped.


Building a strong upper-body is a must in order to ensure Marines are capable of carrying a heavy pack, dragging a downed buddy, negotiating obstacles, or winning in a fight. Pull-ups are one of the best ways to develop a strong, resilient back.


Regardless of starting point or gender, this plan has helped hundreds of Marines and poolees go from few or no pull-ups to more than 20. All you need is a pen, this plan, and a pull-up bar. If you're starting at zero pull-ups, you'll want to purchase a band to help accomodate some of your weight.


We guarantee success if you follow this plan and have personally used it to max PFT's for years.

BTC 20+ Pull-Up Program

    Key Training Events
    Sergeant Instructors
    Pre-OCS Checklist
    Basic Daily Routine
    Eating at OCS
    Living in the Squadbay
    5 Paragraph Order
    Getting Ready
    What Can I Bring with Me?
    Staying in Touch
    PT Plans
    OCS Knowledge
    Knowledge Check
    Family Day
    Pro Tips
    The Rumor Mill
    Counseling Call
    Honor Grad Principles
    Reading Materials
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