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Shipping to Boot Camp soon? Preparing for the PFT? Need to get your run down in general, but you waited until the last minute?


This plan is a no-frills, brass tacks way to shave those stubborn final minutes and seconds off your run time. Get a stop-watch, a pen, this plan and start running. Guaranteed to get you faster.

BTC Four Week Run Program

    Key Training Events
    Sergeant Instructors
    Pre-OCS Checklist
    Basic Daily Routine
    Eating at OCS
    Living in the Squadbay
    5 Paragraph Order
    Getting Ready
    What Can I Bring with Me?
    Staying in Touch
    PT Plans
    OCS Knowledge
    Knowledge Check
    Family Day
    Pro Tips
    The Rumor Mill
    Counseling Call
    Honor Grad Principles
    Reading Materials
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