Have you procrastinated getting in shape?  Is the PT Playbook too sophisticated? This four week guide is guaranteed to get your physical fitness up to par with your Drill Instructors.  Put the work in on the front end so you don't have to sweat any more than necessary once you arrive to the Depots.


This six page guide is the official Drill Instructor Workout Card.  Broken into four parts, this document sets forward the foundation for the physical fitness you'll want to succeed at Recruit Training.  This guide starts by outlining some background for the physical fitness requirements of Drill Instructors, Includes a full Dynamic Warmup Sequence, a workout card, and a 4 week schedule for implementation.


If you want to succeed at Recruit Training, this guide is for you, especially if you have a good baseline for your physical fitness.  If you are not yet in shape, this guide is a good challenge to improve, however we recommend the PT Playbook or some of the free workouts on our Poolee Page to provide yourself adequate time to develop some basal stamina, strength, and mobility.  The name of the game is getting stronger and faster without getting hurt.

Drill Instructor 4 Week PT Program

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