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Getting in shape is tough even if you're an active person. Getting into military shape can be even tougher, especially if you don't know where to start. 


We've combined the famous Posey Zero-to-20+ Pull-Up program with an easy strength and running program that requires no initial fitness, no equipment, and no guess work. You are getting four documents for less than the price of one. This contains a background on getting in shape, particularly addressing the trouble of training for pull-ups as a female.


There are two parts to the plan - the first is 6 weeks, and based on being able to do some pull-ups. The second part is based on your current pull-up max, whether it be zer, 35, or something in between.


This template will help anybody build a base for future physical fitness training. We are selling this at next to nothing because getting in shape isn't about turning a profit, it's about taking the first steps to a strong and healthy lifestyle. We want to see you succeed and have created this just to help you achieve that goal.


If you like this guide and find success with it (which we know you will), we hope you will come back and check out our other guides designed to shore up your weak areas.

Starting from Zero

    Key Training Events
    Sergeant Instructors
    Pre-OCS Checklist
    Basic Daily Routine
    Eating at OCS
    Living in the Squadbay
    5 Paragraph Order
    Getting Ready
    What Can I Bring with Me?
    Staying in Touch
    PT Plans
    OCS Knowledge
    Knowledge Check
    Family Day
    Pro Tips
    The Rumor Mill
    Counseling Call
    Honor Grad Principles
    Reading Materials
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