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Marines run more than any other branch of service. Whether you have never run a mile, or you're already passing your IST but want to do better, this set guide is for you.


This guide contains four running plans inside of it! Each one is 10 weeks long designed to improve your cardio fitness and help you get further along in your Marine Corps journey...


1) Getting Your First Mile - This plan helps you go from no running to running your first mile, establishing the foundation for you to get in Marine Corps shape


2) Passing the IST - all Enlistees must pass the IST, a timed 1.5 mile run. This guide will get you there.


3) Maxing the IST - Now that you've passed it, it's time to max it! Getting faster and better at running each day, making boot camp that much easier.


4) Three Miles, No Sweat - Marines run the Physical Fitness Test, a timed three mile run, every year. You'll have to pass one at boot camp as well. This will make that event nothing to worry about!

Three Miles No Sweat Run Plans

    Key Training Events
    Sergeant Instructors
    Pre-OCS Checklist
    Basic Daily Routine
    Eating at OCS
    Living in the Squadbay
    5 Paragraph Order
    Getting Ready
    What Can I Bring with Me?
    Staying in Touch
    PT Plans
    OCS Knowledge
    Knowledge Check
    Family Day
    Pro Tips
    The Rumor Mill
    Counseling Call
    Honor Grad Principles
    Reading Materials
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